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      A stage for sustainable design

      The Dutch retailer and contract furnisher Flinders B.V. has launched a design competition in cooperation with Media Partner Eigenhuis & Interieur. ZEITRAUM was awarded category most sustainable brand from among more then 30 manufactures and design studios from in total 44 entries.

      With the implementation of the “Sustainable Interior Design Award” the company offers Dutch consumers an overview of innovative and sustainable design that has a positive impact on people and the environment.

      Flinders B.V. has developed a model that enables sustainability of a design product can be determined.

      These criteria were assessed by
      Peter van de Water, Designer
      Walter Ploos van Amstel, Professor Citylogitics
      José Molenaar, Chief editor Eigenhuis & Interieur

      “Makes artisan furniture
      that will last
      more than a lifetime.”

      José Molenaar, Eigenhuis & Interieur

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      The model takes into account six sustainability criteria:

      That‘s what the jury says about ZEITRAUM

      Zeitraum scores convincingly on five of the six criteria of the Sustainable Product Evaluation Model.

      From the design, the woods used (surface treatment with natural oils), through the production in Germany to the production process itself, sustainability is in the genes of ZEITRAUM. Most of the furniture is delivered within Europe.

      Four new trees grow during the time a table is used. How ZEITRAUM deals with the end of life management is deciding: Only those raw materials are used that are renewable, biodegradable or recyclable.